Antie's wedding

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 16~08~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

My brother came back from in long summer internship
and we all got ready to leave on the following morning to go to the south of France,
at Toulouse, my Aunt's wedding !! 8DD

Outfits for the Week-end

To travel

The second evening outfit and the Sunday lunch outfit
The main outfit for the wedding, I finally finished !
I am glad the lace from Madrid n perfectly fits !
But, I made the clevage too low XD
Could do like Mme de  Tourvel in the movie "Dangerous Liaisons"
and add a little veil on the chest.

I did not slept much,
and finally changed for a shitty travel outfit XD

We left under the rain .... Almost a strom.

I sat next to the rabbit, 
my allergies started again. -_-"""
As I could not sleep,
I continued to  watch Vikings *o*...

We arrived on the evening at our family's friend place.
I always have the "princess" room 8D
Also, I did my nails to match the outfit for the wedding,

Athos, who always remember us, even years after, without seeing each other.
Still loves to play x)

I forgot my pyjama... Again.
But took the habit too deal with such  "problems" in Madrid XD
and  my scarf is multi-functions.

What a joy to wake up with such wonderful sun !!!

With brother, on the car
We got ready , was hard and in teh hurry as
I did, quicly, mom hair style and as I woke up a bit late.
Then, drove to the Town hall for the civil ceremony.

Kids  are so cute dressed like that!

The bride is coming !

My grand father, auntie
best man, bridesmaid

The table decorated with flowers.

Grand pa and Auntie
The  witnesses

Congratulations !!! 8D

The ceremony was short, 
and we started to see, and meet for the first time
some family's members.
Was strange lol.

Just after, we went to the Tara Island,
a place out of Toulouse, 
where you almost feel to be overseas,
out of teh world.

Brother who always takes photos when I am the less ready .....

The full outfittttt 8DDD
I am glad there are not too much mistakes XD

On the bridge 8D

We passed the bridge,
and sat, waiting for an Hawai ceremony *o*

Lil bridemaid,
Alban and his mother :)

Aren't they beautiful ?!

My uncle, auntie's bro, and her bestfriend made a little speach.

The mom in law

Rings moment *o*

The Hawai ceremonu consist to mix two  sands, of different colors
wich represents the both lovers.
It's a symbol, as you cannot separate each  little part of the sand
you cannot either separte the both persons who just get united.

The Parrot .

Just after  to take some photos with the couple and family .
Then , some food arrived.
It was delicious, modern with some traditional french cuisine bases.
This is american wine : Coke XD

There was a "photo machine"
which prints instantaly the photos and you can  stick the in the golden book,
writing a little word for the couple .

Salted whipped cream and Iberic ham *o*

Hi 8D

Beautiful twilight, 
but the day is far or being over !

We now have the dinner !
The room has been decorated,
it is simple but very harmonious.

The tables

I really love it *o*
I also got a "part" of the wedding bouquet x)
Mom was almost " wtf , NO ! You too young to get married !"
As if it worked lol.
And it,'s  of what I remember,
you only get engaged in teh year or the next one to get maried.
Doesnt mean "now" lol
But as I only got a part XD

Starter and main meal

Desserts and Dragées 8DDD
Everything was delicious *o*

At the end of the dinner, I went to change my clothes,
could not breath anymore with my corset , after the meal XD

Full Jesus Diamante 8D


And then , my aunt and her husband opened the " bal" x)
We danced a bit, 
but after a moment , the family's friends decided to go back home, 
we follwed them.
Parents proposed me to stay but, anyway, I did not really knew anyone so...

Because I did not fail my make up 8DDDDD XD

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 17~08~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Waking up a bit hard x)

But we got ready again, 
to go, this time at the after wedding lunch, 
much more relax and with much less people.

Red and black, my favourite mix *o*

Some floral compositions were still there.
It is so pretty.

Giant butterflies....
Porn giant butterflies x)

Grand pa, told me to drink.
I did.... And I tried the both french, real, wines.
Was good enough . I felt sleepy after XD

The meal was inspired by an exotic recipes, 
but I do not remember from where.

We had to go back home, and left the lunch early.
Passing at our friend's place to pick up our luggages and change ourselves.
A last hug with Athos T^T

Summer sky is one of the most beautiful to me *o*

The week end was great, and I am so happy to my aunt and her husband.
Wish them a long and happy life  ^^