Going back home

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 10~06~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Time to go back !
I did not sleep a lot...
My aunt droped me at the airport a bit early.

I took the time to pass and the book shop.

Where I found spanish magazines about metal 8D


*^* .... I must have a look to organize everything to go.
But not the 3 days, it will kill me.

I am flyingggg see you in few weeks Madrid !

Last day

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 09~06~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Please forgive me , 
I look terrible, I was not feeling well ^^"

I met again my friend, brifly after his work.
We went again to the chinese restaurent, but I could not eat anything.
Coke is the only thing I could take, always. XD

We walked around and I passed at the Fnac, 
I "needed" some CDs x)

Was time to go back home, for him to work.
I still had time, but prefered to go back to the district of my aunt and rest.

I am going back to the country sideeeee !!!! 

I did not feel to go back home immediatly, 
I walked around and sit in a park.

Tomorrow I will leave, but, 
I will be back soon :)

Family lunch

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 08~06~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Was so lazy today x)
I got up and spent a lot on laptop before to have breakfast and  dressed me up.

I did an effort today, as, yesterday , coming back home, my aunt told me:
" But ?! What happened ? did you cry ? You have no make up !!!!"
"  ... No Tia, no ..... Just I wasnt at your place, so I did not have all my make up..."
Plus, it was not true , I did had make up, but just fundation and mascara .

Buh !

I heard noise in teh street, 
and wet to the balcony to check, 
there was like a procession with everyone  wearing traditional costumes ! <3 br="">I am so in love with the spanish dresses  T_T

 I do not know what it was, and my aunt wasnt sure either.
I will try to find out.

at 2 pm, 
my cousin, his wife and their son came home for lunch.
I saw again my lil' cousin ! <3 br="" nbsp="">He is so funny, directly went to get papers and  pens, to start to draw XD

It was nice to see , again, my family.
We did not meet often by the past, but this year we actually met a "lot" lol.
I am glad about it .

My little cousin was glad to know I will be back in a short time to be " jeune fille au pair" for one of his best friend.
But " I will tell my friend you are MY cousin, not his cousin !" 
XDXD he made my day !
He also asked me to message my friend to know if I will  be free, 
to try to meet again tomorrow lol.
But we both forgot that tomorrow he has school ^^"

Visiting and Piercing

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 07~06~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

As predicted, waking up was hard.
Even harder when you have a headhache as bonus.

I was short today, in the hope, that, this time, 
no one will look at me.
Wrong -_-

Waiting at the bus station with my friend, 
" All the drivers are looking at you ! xD"
Ok ... Fail again  ._.

We first checked for a salon to have my navel done :p
My friend shown me 3 different places, 
we thought the new one looked the best.

12€ and 5minutes later, it was done.
I did not expect it would be so fast , not so cheap and well done XD
I felt a little sensation but no more, much less than for ears !

Before to have lunch, we passed by La Almudena.
I saw the Cathedral on facebook and was impressed by it.

"Paulus" .... It made me think of my brother XD

Unfortunately, It was close and  we could not enter :/
We went to an asian restaurent for lunch, 
I took a plate of Gyozas, it was quite good.
And cheap !
I was so full to go to the cinema XD
A nap would be nice .

I was dying to see the last X-Men *^*
Unfortunately it was not in original version with subtitles, 
only spanish.

But, I was glad to finally realize, I was not lost at all.
I got everything, not all the subtilities nor jokes, but ...
I enjoyed it ^^

Unfortunately my friend had to go back home, 
so , me too. I was too tired to have a walk around by myself.

 Taddaaaa !

It was a promise to myself, when I would finally like my body better than I used to,
I would get a piercing .
It is not perfect, I still have a long way to something I really want, 
but I am on the way 8D
I do not give up !

Also, I made my nails before to go in Spain.
I quickly did them, without extensions, just to have something " potable"

Departure for Spain and first day

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 06~06~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

The rush continues.
After finihing my job with girls I look after in the daily,
I had to go for a baby sitting during the night, and finished around midnight.
Then, I finished my luggages and went to sleep,
1h30 later, I had to wake up, and at 4:30am, go to the airport.

The lastest week has been busy and passed so fast !

On the eve, I received a DreamV Maxi dress ,
and wore it for the trip.
It's so comfy.

The sunrise at the airport.

To kill the time, 
I started, again, to read the satanic bible.

This time, I havent miss my flight.
Important point to notice. XD

I arrived on time at the Madrid aiport and easily found the bus to go
to my aunt's place at Alcobendas.

But , here, starts my skills to get lost.
I got down to a stop I though the right one.
I walked around for 20mins, before to realise I was not close to home at all.
I tried to call my aunt . Impossible.
I tried to enter the adress in the GPS : "unknown"
I finally called my cousin who sent me the right address, and finally
after more 25 mins of walking,
I was home ! 

It was so good to take a shower, the weather started to get hot quickly
and I had so few hours of sleep, I was eaxhausted.

It was planned on the evening I would meet my friend to come with him
to his small concert.

So, after a nap, I went to the center of Madrid, 
at Gran Via ,  ti walk a bit around, 
pass to H&M and find a place to rest.

<3 br="">I love this district !

As place to rest, I "selcted" the Mc Donald of Gran Via, 
where I start to get used to go now x)

Thirtsy as hell, I got a coke, as usual.
I stayed like 2hrs ?
their free Wifi was also a good reason to go there.

I went to Sol by walking to take the metro to go to Atocha and catch the train to go to Alcalà de Henares.
It was also our meeting point with my friend.
Here again, I got down to the wrong station 8D
I had to walk to link the both stations -_-.

I got scold by one of the guy in the train station
" of course your ticket does not work anymore ,
you must not go out !"
" I KNOW !!! But I did a mistake ! è_é "
" Ok, anyway , pass, pass ..."

Pfft pfft è_é !

Fortunately, I was on time : 21:13 , for 21:15 .
Like a boss 8D

We stopped at  Starway 
to eat something before to go

In the middle there is the Leo's Jiménez guitare, 
from his PV " No Hay Màs Canciones Para Ti"  ;)

After walking that much during the day , and knowing I will not sit  at the next bar, 
I was gald to be on the sofa x)

Many people were  here, 
and it was quite hot inside @_@

I meet my friend's brothers and some of their friends.
Was really nice but, I cruelly need to improve my Spanish which is really poor :/
It was hard to me to understand conversations .

The both brothers played together ~ 

We after, went back home with my friend.
Him had to work the whole day, and I ... well ....with the trip.
Useless to tell we were both exhausted x_x
Tomorrow morning it will be hard to wake up XD