Week 5 in Madrid

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 28~07~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Causual outfit,
Sons's rule 8D

Little walk around Gran Via, 
to look for a skirt for a friend.
I went to a H&M shop.
I maybe visited all the Mc Donald's and H&M
at Gran Via/ Sol ...

This H&M was an anciant Theater reconverted.

It's beautiful isn't it ?

A coke at Mac Do :p

Street concert

Grand Via by Night

Shopping :p

Because Tiger is ... So fucking awesome as shop :o
But we do not have it in France .... Not yet.
However they are thinking of open some in France.

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 29~07~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Starting to sort my clothes...

I have not much to wear  8D

I needed some answers ...
Tarot, you can believe in it or not, but at least I got an answer:
I am fucked  XD

So, I deserved a cheese cake !

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 30~07~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Visit day today 8D

We decided to go to the Temple of Debod

It was  origanally dedicated to the God Amon

The Temple at his original place in Egypt

The God Horus  purifing the Pharao
with water before the God Imhotep.

Amun's Naos

The original Temple of Debod.

With a religious procession on the middle.

Some Bas-Reliefs

Temples in Nubia

From outside.
The contrast with antic and modern buildings is

It's almost as if we were under the egyptian sun .

The little temple

Buh !
Can you see how ugly I am by the lack of sleep ? XD
I was planing to have relax holidays, 
and I actually run everywhere, everydays, 
have much to do, people to meet, 
place to visit, things to buy ....
It's crazy  ^^

The parc...

.... And the view, 

With the royal palace and the Almudena.

Don Quijote

It was the last day for Kristin here, 
she is going back to USA tomorrow ;_;
I will miss her  T^T

I went with her for her lastest shopping,
we ate some "jamon iberico"
It tastes as good as those in Figuérés *o*

Kristin gave me her sandwich while she was quickly going to
shop something in a shop.
It was a torture to wait for her with such food,
I was straving XD

We also did shopping for "our" kids,
she got present for Marco's cousins,
and I found some for Marco too,
I will give him at the end of my stay  ^^

Also, I made a mistake, 
and arrived too much in adavance to meet Kristin,
so I went to  Sun Records....
The guy was super nice and looked all the bands I asked him XD
To sum'up, 7 new CDs plus 1 DVD ... over XXX€ spent in few mins 8D
But I am so HAPPY *o*

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 31~07~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Today, I am going to meet some friends 8D

I got ready to first go with Cristina, and  Jimina 
to have a snack in a lovely Tea Salon near the Puerta de Alcalà.

Red Fruits tea and brownie .... 8D
I will need to go to sport ! XD

I cannot remember the name of the Salon :/
But it was really lovely.
Like an inner garden.

Look at the chandelier *o*

With Jimina , and Cristina drinking her tea :p

Puerta de Alcalà

After the snack, we went to the entrance of the Retiro,
the other side of the parc, in the total opposite of where I usually go ,
to wait for Guillermo , with who I planed to have a drink on the evening :)

Girls left, and we walked around the parc with Guillermo,
I was glad to see this part of the parc,
I never have been there ! Shame on me !

We talked a lot with  my friend, as usual x)
Even if spanish is not as natural to me, as english,
I understand it better.
We finally came back home around 2am  x_x
It's not reasonable lol

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 01~08~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Last day at work !
I feel a bit blue ... I enjoyed to work with Marco, 
he is a very clever boy, talkative and curious.

As he worked well in french, his parents offered him Turtles, 
also to responsabilize him.
He called them Pablo ( my little cousin and his best friend) and Marco ... XD

We went behing home to enjoy the morning sun and heat
in the fountain.
Marco hurt himself :/
Fortunately, as the good nanny I am, 
I had my super little monster tissues 8D
Useless to tell he has been "handicaped" for the rest of the day lol.

We went on the afternoon to my Aunt's house, 
She welcomed us and wa had a snack and talked all together for a while.

There is one negative point when I am at my aunt House, 
it's a bit far frome the Madrid's center :/
But Alcobendas is a nice area, with malls, parcs, 2 Mc Donlads ... 8D !
And the luck is funny, 
as two of my friends are also living in the same district ^^.

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 02~08~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

I am officially in "real" holidays.
I mean I can get up at the time I wish.
But  I continue to run everywhere  as today I will me a last time
Cristina before she goes in holidays too ^^

Today's outfit~

We met near her place, and went to a japanase shop, for her to get some food .
I admit it was hard for me to resist lol.
We, then , took a snack and talked around a drink in a nice "bar/salon", 
we were alone  , lol.
I will miss our spanglish conversations ! <3 p="" t_t="">

Time to go back home and change to something more comfortable.

I found my Car 8D

Walking around, 
stopping by Mc Donald 8D

Pikachu ! It's for you Choue !! XD

I just came back on line, after a while far from it.
There are some much changes !
A granny witch ? WTF Line  o_o

And this ... Because, just LOL XD

アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽 03~08~2014 アクミー羽バラ〜アクミー羽

Was a lazy day, didnt plan to go out,
but finally,
 I have been contacted by BB Manuel on the begining of the afternoon,
and we set up to meet at Chamartin.

We walked around, and Manuel told me a bit how was the place years ago.
It seemed it was much more alive.
We found out many place closed :/

We sat at a bar, outside, and had a drink,
talked a lot, then decided to walk to Grand via.
It took us around 1h30  XD
But we did not see the time flying, talking while walking and passing by many places
I saw during the last weeks. ^o^/

For my Daddy :p

To have dinner, I brought us to Wok King near Sol and We Rock bar.
Since Manu' shown me this place last time I bring everyone there XD

Having a walk around, Manuel shown me a parc, 
we passed front the Temple of Debod, 
but I have been quite desapointed, 
it was not enlighted T_T

Talking and talking,
It was super late, and both were lazy to go back to chamartin, 
and for my part,  I did not have anymore train to go back to Alcobendas, 
Manuel was nice and proposed me to stay with him and hi father's place.
I was thankful, was not really in mood to do so much way back, 
so late and tired.
I must get my driving liscence -_-